Top 10 Reasons to Get into IT NOW!

Interested or thinking about getting into the IT (Information Technology) field? If so, here are 10 reasons that should convince you to make the switch!

1.) There is unprecedented demand for IT Professionals

• According to a report by Jones Lang La Salle, growth in the high tech industry is 4 times higher than the national average
• reports that tech startups see increased hiring for 2013. As a matter of fact, 87% percent of startup execs plan to hire this year (an 83% increase from last year)!
• The tech industry has a much lower unemployment rate (3.3%) compared to the national average (7.8%)
• Consumers demand for the latest and greatest technology, applications, and gadgets drives the demand for IT professionals
• Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook says, “the tech industry [is] the best industry to be in because it [is] growing and there [aren’t] enough people to fill the jobs”

2.) The pay and benefits are highly competitive

• In hot tech cities such as Seattle, the average tech salary is $90k/year
• The national salary average stands at $85K according to
• also reports that tech salaries are the highest they have been in over a decade!
• Robert Half’s 2013 salary survey suggests that starting salaries will increase by 5.3% in 2013 and that companies are offering better perks and more generous salaries to find and retain top talent

3.) Tech sector employees are the happiest – (in other words, you’ll love what you do!)

• Tech jobs are consistently ranked in the top 10 best-sector-to-work-in categories
• Some of the best IT/technology companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Facebook also have some of the best perks and benefits such as free food, on-site masseuses, flexible working hours, and company paid smart phones
• An excellent balance of fun, challenge, autonomy and reward make for a great career combination

4.) IT jobs can be positively challenging and highly rewarding

• There are lots of opportunities to solve complex problems while building up your skillset
• You develop personal relationships with people throughout the organization including senior management; few departments receive such trust and exposure to decision makers
• Being tasked with multiple projects gives IT pros a feeling of respect, responsibility, and commitment

5.) You get to work with exciting and cutting edge technology

• As Seth Godin says, “yesterday’s remarkable is today’s really good and tomorrows mediocre”
• Technology changes rapidly requiring companies and IT pros to constantly stay up to date with the latest and greatest
• Researching, making purchasing decisions, and working on break/fix solutions provides great fulfillment

6.) Excellent career path flexibility

• There are vast amounts of career paths you can take ranging from becoming a network engineer or forensics specialist to a database administrator or project manager
• There are definitive ways to grow your career like expanding your skillset, learning new technologies, and understanding how technology can help drive business innovation

7.) Promotion opportunities

• You can work your way up the corporate ladder. For example, you could go from being an intern to a technician, to an engineer, to an IT Director
• By focusing on and practicing skills required for a particular job (while working in your current job) you can prepare yourself for future success and promotions

8.) Professional development opportunities are endless

• New technologies including cloud and big data drive the demand for up-to-date skillsets
• IT professionals are constantly on the move and are required to continue their education
• Employers are offering better continuing education perks to retain and hire top talent

9.) Switching career paths is not as hard as you think

• You can quickly get your foot in the door by volunteering at a local charity or helping solve others’ IT/technology needs
• It is very easy to start learning networking, programming, web development, etc. with technologies that are free (or very cheap)
• All you have to do is simply make a decision today to become an IT professional and read quality blogs, books, and start working on your skillset by using technology to its fullest

10.) You can innovate and start your own gig or freelance on the side

• If you are great at what you do, companies will be willing to pay you for your expertise
• You can start your own consulting or free lancing business by spending a couple of hours per week helping business achieve their technology objectives
• Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg all started by taking initiative to start their own technology companies and products


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